Favorite Church Fundraising Ideas church fundraisers ideas

1. Text-to-Give

A text-to-donate campaign is a highly effective fundraising tool. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly fundamental for charitable organizations of all types, because of its ease, simplicity, and speed. With two clicks, donors text a keyword (such as “GIVE”) to your church’s text-to-give number, then confirm the amount they’d like to contribute. That’s it. It takes just a few seconds to support the church they love.

Not only is text-to-give, aka text-to-tithe, a quick way for parishioners to tithe, but it’s also something you can encourage them to do during live events, including sermons. Consider it the 21st-century version of the offering basket!

To start accepting text donations, you’ll need to find an industry-leading text-to-give software platform, and promote your new donation method to your congregation. church fundraisers ideas

2. Charity Silent Auction

Here at Snowball Fundraising, we’ve seen how powerful silent auctions can be—which is why they’re a favorite fundraising method of ours. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more effective church fundraising event.

Have members of your congregation donate items or services to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. You might be surprised by what people will offer up.

You’ll need your technology in place before the auction so you can run the entire silent auction from the first donation to the last receipt and all the bidding in between. Also consider alternate giving methods so everyone is able to contribute, whether they win the auction or not.

Set up a text-to-give campaign with a keyword such as “auction.” Put handouts on the silent auction tables with your church’s text-to-give phone number and keyword, to raise money during the auction and well into the future.

3. Online Giving

If your church doesn’t offer the option to give online, you’re likely missing out on critical congregant support. Online giving revenue is experiencing growth every year, including a 23% boost from last year—not to mention the substantial increase in use resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and live-streamed services.

With online giving, your church can raise funds in a way that’s convenient for your congregation and leadership teams. You can customize your online giving page to match your church’s colors and brand and include it on your church website. You can then promote your new giving page in other marketing avenues and even in services during the offering.

With the right online giving software, you can quickly bring your church giving to the next level. Although many church fundraising efforts are the opposite this is one your church can set up easily and with rapid results.

4. T-Shirt Fundraiser

Everyone loves a good T-shirt, and more than that, everyone loves to show off that they’re an active member of an organization, especially a church. T-shirt fundraisers are perfect to promote at different events such as Vacation Bible School, field days, or a kickball tournament.

With T-shirt fundraising providers like Bonfire, you can customize your T-shirt design and either sell it from your website or buy it in bulk to sell at your event.

5. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns are perfect for raising money for a cause that’s close to your heart, and one you believe others would be interested in donating to. Use your church’s donations platform as a crowdfunding hub, where people can tithe and add comments and messages of support. Here’s an example of what an effective online donation page looks like.

Crowdfunding may be just the tool that allows your next mission trip or community event to thrive even before it starts. Don’t forget to use all your communication channels to spread the word!

6. Pledge Fundraising

Pledge fundraising is a fantastic church fundraising idea for members of your congregation who may not be able to donate right away. Pledges are promised support of donations to be paid and processed in the future.

To get started with pledge fundraising, look for online or mobile pledge fundraising tools. Make sure you look for a tool that prioritizes speed, ease of use, and flexibility in its fundraising options. This pledge fundraising guide can help your team get started easily.

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7. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is when supporters raise funds on your behalf. Parishioners will set up a fundraising page (with your help!) and ask their friends, family, and online network to donate. The great thing about peer-to-peer fundraising is that you can gain new supporters in the process!

8. Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Shoe drive fundraisers are a unique church fundraising idea that also helps your congregation declutter! Work with a shoe drive fundraising company to set up collection boxes where people can donate their gently used shoes. Shoe drive fundraising companies will send you a check based on the pounds of shoes you collect.

9. Social Media

With 72% of American adults using social media, this is an important channel for spreading the word about your church’s fundraisers. (Source: Pew Research Institute)

Use social media to tell people about your church’s work in the community, events, and fundraising initiatives. Share a link to your online donation page, and encourage people to share it with their friends in turn. For example, Facebook fundraisers are an incredibly effective way to raise money for your church.

10. Recurring Gift Drive

When members of your congregation choose to give through your easy-to-use online donation pages, make sure to provide the option to set up a recurring donation on the spot. Securing recurring gifts is the best way to ensure a steady flow of fundraising revenue year-round, even when you don’t have a campaign running.

11. Direct Mail Appeals

Direct mail appeals are physical promotional materials like targeted letters, cards, and other tangible forms of communication. Similar to any other fundraising approach, its medium impacts its effectiveness, but so does the effort and strategy behind your approach.  Templates and best practices from this guide can help your team draft the perfect direct mail appeal letter. Be sure to make each one personal in some way to your recipient!