The Difference between an L1 Visa and an H1B Visa

l-1b visa of employment abroad must have been in a managerial,executive, or specialized knowledgecapacity. The exact evidenceto be submitted while filing the petition varies based on the type of qualifying relationship. I started looking for an immigration lawyer after applying for my son’s Green Card and getting no answers. Alice helped me evaluate the situation and found out I had not sent some required information by immigration authorities. I then provided what was needed and the issue was quickly resolved.
Another type of visa that is worth taking note of is the H1B visa. This type of visa has some similarities to the L1 visa but can be different in a lot of ways. Depending on your own unique circumstances, it might be worth considering to study also the H1B visa. We have collated for you some of the differences between an L1 and an H1B visa. We discuss them in detail below so that you can decide which visa works best for your case. 4 Consular officer requests for reconsideration of the petition by the USCIS.
There is no time limit for aliens who reside intermittently in the U.S., or an aggregate of six months or less per year. The only directly comparabletemporary work visafor people looking at L-1 visas is probablyH1-B, which has a maximum 3-year stay plus one possible 3-year extension (less than the 7 years available for L-1-A). Executives who are sole owners of companies can still meet the requirements but must establish employee status.
However, since you are working for the same company and in a qualifying capacity , your “look back period” will end the day you obtained your H1-B visa. This means you will have had to accrue 365 days of foreign employment with your company from January 1, 2014 to January 1, 2017 instead of January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2019. Moreover, an L1A visa Lawyer in Seattlealso can review all of your L1 visa documents to avoid unnecessary interruptions in processing. A skilled attorney will be able to catch small mistakes on your application that you would otherwise miss and can ensure that your application is filed in a timely manner. When the application process is optimized by a lawyer, you can rest assured that your application process will go smoothly and that you can start working in the US in a timely manner.
Foreign nationals with specialized knowledge or managers being transferred to the US. To supervise work of other supervisory, professional or managerial employees, or who manages an essential function, department or subdivision. The L-1B, while it has its share of issues to watch out for, can be a very useful tool in the immigration “toolbox” of any company doing business in the US. Its advantages – no annual cap, no prevailing wage requirements, dual intent, and employment authorization for spouses – far outweigh many of the alternatives available.